namibia hunting


Join us in Namibia! We hunt around the Windhoek and Boesmanland areas of Namibia.

Think of any plains game species and you will probably be able to hunt it in Namibia

Every hunter has to experience the vast unspoilt stretches of pristine hunting areas Namibia has to offer. We not only offer quality plains game hunts, mostly on large privately owned land but we also pride ourselves in offering our clients the unique opportunity to hunt free range animals, including the big five, on different free range concessions. Hunting areas vary from mountainous hunting grounds and savannah to the enchanting red dunes of the Kalahari desert with its breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.

Think of any plains game species and you will probably be able to hunt it in Namibia. Temperatures easily fluctuate between 32°F and 80°F in most of the Namibian hunting areas. Typically in the desert area temperatures often drop below 32°F in the evenings, warming up to 80°F during the day.

Our different hunting areas around Windhoek and in Boesmanland area are of the best for leopard and elephant. Although Namibia is not known for a wide variety of game species, the native animal species such as Damara Dik-Dik, Black face Impala and Hartman’s Zebra should be taken whilst on a leopard or elephant safari. Accommodation consists of chalets and luxury tented camps. Irrespective of where you stay laundry and cleaning services is provided.

namibia hunting


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