South Africa

We are based in the heart of the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces of South Africa.


We are based close to the Tanzanian border in the Niassa province of Mozambique.


We are located in the Windhoek and the Boesmanland area of Namibia.

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About Us

Tom Jnr and Snr started hunting in the African bush as young boys and their knowledge of the African bush and its animals is key to their success as professional hunters. Tom qualified as lawyer in 1979 and enjoyed a successful professional career as advocate ever since. His love for adventure quite naturally led to him qualifying as professional hunter in 1997. Guiding numerous international clients on safaris in various African countries on a part time basis had grown into a safari business demanding full-time dedication and involvement.

After finishing high school Tom Jnr ventured into property development in Mozambique. Over a period of three years he developed a holiday resort where he built numerous upper class holiday homes and a restaurant and managed the business until the resort was bought by an international company in 2006. Having qualified as professional hunter in 2005, on his return to South Africa he hunted for an established hunting outfit gaining valuable experience in the hunting of various African species including dangerous game.

Many returning clients over the years is testimony of the fact that a safari with Tom Dreyer Safaris is an invigorating, enjoyable and rewarding journey where you will experience unsurpassed professionalism, reliability, dedication and friendship.


Our safari camps offer accommodation and amenities of a very high standard, each with its own unique character.

  • Brick and Mortar Lodges
  • High quality, luxurious tented camps
  • Neat and comfortable chalets
  • Camps are comfortable, clean and safe
  • All rooms are private and have en-suite bathrooms
  • Hot and cold running water
  • We will cater for your specific dietary needs
  • Laundry is done every second day

Important Information

Licences & Permits Game: Certain species requires special licences/or permits, in particular CITES permits. CITES permits can be obtained from federal wildlife permit office. On most plains game the trophy fee includes the licence fee.

Firearms: Firearms require a temporary import permit. Please see below for downloads, or the Hunters’ support website to assist you in obtaining these. ( Bowhunters do not need an import permit to bring threir bows into the country.

Firearms & Ammunition  : For most plains game up to Eland, a 7mm Mag.,30-06,.300 Win. Mag./Weatherby,.338 Win. or similar calibres work well, and opt for the greatest bullet weight available per calibre. A minimum calibre of .375 is required by law for all dangerous game species.

Ammunition we recommend:

Soft Points

  • Trophy Bonded
  • Nosler Premium Soft point
  • Swift A-Frame
  • Barnes X


  • (Good quality Monolithic)
  • Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer
  • Barnes Super Solids
  • Woodleigh


tom dreyer safaris


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